If there’s one thing Nevada’s Real Gaming poker site has never been lacking in, it’s unique promotions. The same can be said of its Memorial Day Giveaway, where free prizes will be awarded all day for achieving special hand ranks and generating enough Tier Score. Additionally, all active and retired military personnel are privy to a free $40 sign-up bonus.

Memorial Day Giveaway at Real Gaming NevadaThe Memorial Day Giveaway at Real Gaming takes place all day today, May 25, 2015 at South Point’s online poker room, RealGaming.com. All new and existing members are welcome to participate. The more you partake in real-money poker games, the better the rewards will be.

Free $40 for Active/Retired Military at Real Gaming

Calling all active and retired military personnel – in honor of your esteemed service, Real Gaming is giving away a free $40 poker bonus. Military members who sign up a new account with the online poker room today can take advantage of this valuable promotion.

In order to claim the free $40 poker bonus, simply email a copy of your DD214 or proof of active duty to secure@realgaming.com. Once verified, your account will be credited with a $40 bonus balance.

For those who are not part of the US military, Real Gaming is giving away $20 free to all new account signups for the entire month of May.

Real Gaming Giving Away up to 1,000x Big Blind for Special Hands

Play real money poker games on any of Real Gaming’s cash tables with blinds of $0.01/$0.02 to $1/$2 to win prizes worth 10x to 1,000x the Big Blind. To claim a cash prize, players will need to go to the showdown with a specific hand rank. The following hand ranks award the corresponding prizes:

Hand Rank Description Prize
Heart Flush A Flush in Hearts 10x BB
Heart Flush w/ K-Q Hole A Flush in Hearts, with King-Heart and Queen-Heart Hole Cards 100x BB
Heart Straight Flush Any Straight Flush in Hearts (i.e. 3h-4h-5h-6h-7h) 500x BB
Heart Royal Flush A Royal Flush in Hearts (10h-Jh-Qh-Kh-Ah) 1,000x BB

Note that a player may only win each Big Blind multiplier one time, but additional prizes can be awarded for repeat hand ranks. For example, if a player were to go to showdown with a Heart Straight Flush, they would receive the 500x BB prize. If the same player received that hand again, they would be awarded the next highest prize of 100x BB. All subsequent qualifying hands would award to 10x BB prize.

Also note that the pot size must reach 5x the BB in order for a player to become eligible to win a BB multiplier. All prizes will be paid in the form of a poker bonus, to be awarded within 72 hours of making the hand.

South Point Giveaways for Generating 50+ Tier Score

If ever there was a day to play your heart out at Real Gaming, Memorial Day is it. All players who generate at least 50 Tier Score (TS) on May 25 will receive a prize that can be redeemed at South Point. The more Tier Score a player earns, the more prizes they will receive.

Prizes are stackable, meaning a player who reaches the highest 250 Tier Score will receive one of each of the prizes listed. See the following prize chart for more information.

Tier Score Prize
Earn 50 TS Two Tickets for Bowling and Movie at South Point
Earn 100 TS Free Lunch for Two at South Point’s The Garden Buffet
Earn 150 TS Free Lunch for Two at South Point’s Baja Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant
Earn 200 TS Two Tickets to see a show at South Point Showroom
Earn 250 TS Free Dinner for Two at South Point’s Don Vito’s Italian Restaurant

Nevada was the first state to launch a regulated internet gaming market in the United States, but the last of three (including Delaware and New Jersey) to issue public online poke revenue reports for the industry. Now, after nearly one year of unrestricted revenue data logs, the Silver State is once again not required to make its online poker earnings public knowledge.

According to the guidelines set forth by the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) when drafting iGaming regulations, the state is only required to issue reports detailing online poker revenue generation if there are three or more active operators. When Ultimate Poker closed its virtual doors late last year, it left only two operators, thus no obligation to publish the information.

No more online poker revenue reports from NevadaUltimate Poker made history when the operator launched the very first US regulated online poker site on April 30, 2013. For months, UP remained the only active operator in the state, or the nation for that matter. Then on September 19 of that same year, WSOP.com joined the limited ranks of Nevada’s online poker market. But still, the number of operators was below the required amount to issue public revenue reports.

It wasn’t until South Point became the third operator in Nevada with the launch of Real Gaming in February of 2014 that the state finally released its first online poker revenue report. Due to the nature of those reports, which include 1-month, 3-month and 12-month summaries, the complete yield for 2013 was also revealed, amounting to $8.524 million since the initial launch of UP.

Some had hoped that the NGCB would retract the former reporting rule requirement when the number of operators fell back to two, but obviously that’s not the case. Therefore, until a third operator joins the ranks, concerned market analysts and media outlets will be forced to estimate the monthly yield for December 2014, January 2015 and however many months transpire before publications resume.

Estimated Timeline for launch of 3rd Online Poker Operator in Nevada

There are three possible candidates to shoulder the responsibility of becoming Nevada’s next 3rd online poker operator, thus becoming the catalyst for the state’s resumption of online poker revenue reports. Which of those three will hit the market first is hard to say, but it is expected to happen in 2015.

The All American Poker Network (AAPN), on which WSOP.com is currently hosted, is projected to integrate two new sites in the coming year. One is expected to be launched by Treasure Island, and the other 888Poker, proprietor of AAPN. The significance of either of these sites launching would be the resulting shared player pool with WSOP.com, which already leads the Nevada online poker market by leaps and bounds.

The other possibility is HDPoker.com, powered by a new, Nevada-based software company known as Z4Poker. The developer has already been licensed by the NGCB, but has yet to partner with any land-based operator, as is required by regulatory guidelines to offer real money poker games over the internet.

Rumor has it that Z4Poker has a relationship with the Siena Hotel & Casino in Reno, NV, but no partnership deal has been confirmed. In 2014, it was reported that HDPoker anticipated its launch before end of year, with a mobile poker app to be added in Q1 2015, but the website indicates the software remains in Beta Testing mode.

Nevada’s newest online poker room, Real Gaming, is continuing its intransigent campaign to bring in traffic by announcing yet another exemplary promotion. Tonight at 7:00pm local time, the legal US poker site will be hosting not one, not even two or three, but six freeroll poker tournaments.

Freeroll Poker Tournaments at Real Gaming

6 Freeroll Poker Tournaments Tonight

“Due to the extremely high demand we’ve seen, players have asked for MORE FREEROLLS.  So we’re going to give them to you!” read the promotional email sent out to all registered members of the online poker community. “Wednesday, December 10th at 7pm, we’re running the most freerolls we’ve had at once.  Make sure you don’t miss out and Register now!”

Real Gaming has been running multiple freerolls poker tournaments every day, but as the above missive suggests, the online poker room has never hosted so many of them at one time. These freeroll competitions cost absolutely nothing, so long as the player has a verified account and is physically located in the state of Nevada at the time the tournaments take place.

What makes Real Gaming’s freerolls so unique is that they are single table events, known as Final Table Freerolls. A maximum of just 9 players can register for each tournament, catapulting all participants into the final table for a 1-in-3 shot at winning a prize. The guaranteed prizes aren’t exactly exoribitant, but all winners are paid in cash.

Each of the freeroll poker tournaments offers a $5.00 prize pool, with 50% of the prize ($2.50) going to the 1st place winner, 30% ($1.50) to 2nd place and 20% ($1.00) to 3rd. All players get 10,000 chips to begin with. Blinds start at 25/50 and increase every 8 minutes.

At the time of writing, there were 3 to 4 players already registered for each of the freeroll poker tournaments on the schedule; more than enough to meet the minimum requirement of 2 players before start time.

Anyone who wants to get an earlier (or later) start at one of Real Gaming’s Final Table Freerolls will have plenty of other opportunities to do so. Two freeroll poker tournaments are set to kick off at 8:00am, another two at 10:00am, 12:00pm, 3:00pm and 6:00pm. The last two freeroll poker tournaments of the night will begin at 9:00pm at the online poker room.

Real Gaming received regulatory approval to transition from soft-launch to full scale launch in late October, and the operator’s marketing department has been working diligently to drive traffic into the site ever since. The cash games have been stiflingly flat for the last two months, but the Multi-Table and Sit’n’Go tournament menus have been attracting more players lately. Ostensibly, it has been the operator’s intensified promotional campaign – a direct result of Ultimate Poker’s dissolution in the state – that is grabbing the attention of Nevada’s online poker community.

In the last two weeks alone, Real Gaming has added a number of generous promotions to the already abundant line-up. The Ultimate Match promo will match the deposit of any former UP member that deposits their withdrawal from Ultimate Poker, up to $3,000. Signing up a new account this month grants a free $20 no deposit bonus. Last week, Real Gaming announced a daily cash back giveaway worth up to $50 per day.

These new freeroll poker tournaments are just another addition to a superfluous list of promotions. The online poker room may have some very stiff competition in their only Nevada rival, WSOP.com, but this operator at least deserves a big, bold ‘E’ for effort.

Real Gaming went live in Nevada in February of 2014, giving the state’s other two online poker sites, Ultimate Poker and WSOP.com, a new rival to contend with. Month after month, Real Gaming attracted only a few players to tables due to its requirement by the Nevada Gaming Control Board to remain in beta testing mode. That changed last month with the regulator’s approval for a full-scale launch of Real Gaming, and the marketing team has been throwing out one promotion after another to drive traffic into the online poker site.

One of the latest additions to the Real Gaming promotional line-up is a Sit & Go Awards campaign. Best of all, it’s not a leaderboard style competition where only a select few win a prize. Every member of the online poker room can reap the rewards, in cold hard cash, just for winning 10, 9-player SNGs in a calendar month. The size of the prize will be based on the buy-in level of the tournaments.

For example, winning 10 of the cheapest SNG’s on the menu, with a buy-in of $1.07, will award $5 in cash at the end of the month. The highest prize of $150 is awarded to all players who win 10 SNG’s with the largest buy-in of $32.10. The following chart depicts all SNG levels and their respective awards.

Sit & Go Awards Promo
SNG Buy-In Cash Prize
$1.00 + $0.07 $5
$3.00 + $0.21 $15
$5.00 + $0.35 $25
$10.00 + $0.70 $50
$20.00 + $1.40 $100
$30.00 + $2.10 $150

The rules of the online poker promotion state that all qualifying SNG’s must have a full, single table of 9 players, and must occur between the hours of 2:00pm and 10:00pm daily.

Real Gaming also introduced a High Score of the Hour promotion in which ring game players can earn cash prizes for generating the highest Loyalty Score during specified hours throughout the day. Every single active table can award its own prize, based on the stakes level being played. As such, if there are 30 active cash games, then 30 players could be eligible to win a prize.

To become eligible for a prize, players must earn a minimum Loyalty Score during the qualifying hour of play. Minimum scores are decided by the stakes of the online poker table, with cash prizes scaling from $2 at micro-limit stakes of $0.01/$0.02, up to $30 at $2/$4 stakes. The following chart shows the stakes, minimum Loyalty Score and respective prizes.

High Score of the Hours Promo
Cash Game Stakes Min Loyalty Score Cash Prize
0.01/0.02 2 $2.00
0.05/0.10 2 $3.00
0.10/0.20 3 $5.00
0.20/0.40 5 $8.00
0.50/1.00 10 $15.00
1.00/2.00 20 $25.00
2.00/4.00 20 $30.00

The High Score of the Hour promotion takes place four times daily, at 2:00p, 5:00pm, 8:00pm and 11:00pm. Only Loyalty Score (LS) earnings for hands that are dealt and completed during the promotional period will count towards the accumulation of LS (i.e. 2:00:00pm to 2:59:59pm).

In addition, to help spread the word and generate even more online poker traffic, Real Gaming is offering Power Up rewards for players who boast their High Score of the Hour win over social media outlets. If a player wins a High Score of the Hour prize, then visits the Power Up link at the online poker room, they can use the links provided to Tweet their winnings, or ‘Like’ and Comment their win on Real Gaming’s Facebook page. Doing so awards an additional $1 Power Up prize, and there is no limit to the amount of times a player can receive Power Ups.