Real Gaming celebrates Memorial Day with Exclusive $40 Free for Military Personnel

If there’s one thing Nevada’s Real Gaming poker site has never been lacking in, it’s unique promotions. The same can be said of its Memorial Day Giveaway, where free prizes will be awarded all day for achieving special hand ranks and generating enough Tier Score. Additionally, all active and retired military personnel are privy to a free $40 sign-up bonus.

Memorial Day Giveaway at Real Gaming NevadaThe Memorial Day Giveaway at Real Gaming takes place all day today, May 25, 2015 at South Point’s online poker room, All new and existing members are welcome to participate. The more you partake in real-money poker games, the better the rewards will be.

Free $40 for Active/Retired Military at Real Gaming

Calling all active and retired military personnel – in honor of your esteemed service, Real Gaming is giving away a free $40 poker bonus. Military members who sign up a new account with the online poker room today can take advantage of this valuable promotion.

In order to claim the free $40 poker bonus, simply email a copy of your DD214 or proof of active duty to Once verified, your account will be credited with a $40 bonus balance.

For those who are not part of the US military, Real Gaming is giving away $20 free to all new account signups for the entire month of May.

Real Gaming Giving Away up to 1,000x Big Blind for Special Hands

Play real money poker games on any of Real Gaming’s cash tables with blinds of $0.01/$0.02 to $1/$2 to win prizes worth 10x to 1,000x the Big Blind. To claim a cash prize, players will need to go to the showdown with a specific hand rank. The following hand ranks award the corresponding prizes:

Hand Rank Description Prize
Heart Flush A Flush in Hearts 10x BB
Heart Flush w/ K-Q Hole A Flush in Hearts, with King-Heart and Queen-Heart Hole Cards 100x BB
Heart Straight Flush Any Straight Flush in Hearts (i.e. 3h-4h-5h-6h-7h) 500x BB
Heart Royal Flush A Royal Flush in Hearts (10h-Jh-Qh-Kh-Ah) 1,000x BB

Note that a player may only win each Big Blind multiplier one time, but additional prizes can be awarded for repeat hand ranks. For example, if a player were to go to showdown with a Heart Straight Flush, they would receive the 500x BB prize. If the same player received that hand again, they would be awarded the next highest prize of 100x BB. All subsequent qualifying hands would award to 10x BB prize.

Also note that the pot size must reach 5x the BB in order for a player to become eligible to win a BB multiplier. All prizes will be paid in the form of a poker bonus, to be awarded within 72 hours of making the hand.

South Point Giveaways for Generating 50+ Tier Score

If ever there was a day to play your heart out at Real Gaming, Memorial Day is it. All players who generate at least 50 Tier Score (TS) on May 25 will receive a prize that can be redeemed at South Point. The more Tier Score a player earns, the more prizes they will receive.

Prizes are stackable, meaning a player who reaches the highest 250 Tier Score will receive one of each of the prizes listed. See the following prize chart for more information.

Tier Score Prize
Earn 50 TS Two Tickets for Bowling and Movie at South Point
Earn 100 TS Free Lunch for Two at South Point’s The Garden Buffet
Earn 150 TS Free Lunch for Two at South Point’s Baja Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant
Earn 200 TS Two Tickets to see a show at South Point Showroom
Earn 250 TS Free Dinner for Two at South Point’s Don Vito’s Italian Restaurant