US Poker Room Cafrino Deals Millionth Hand in Under a Month is an exclusive new online poker site that launched in late September. Last week, not even a full 30 days after dealing its very first online poker hand, the legal US poker room is already celebrating its one-millionth hand. This remarkable milestone goes above and beyond the company’s expectations as Cafrino has grown to more than double its projected size for the first month of operation.

What makes Cafrino unique is that it is open to US players only and pays real cash prizes in a completely legal manner. The online poker site is based in New York, headed by CEO Jonathan Aiwazian and an expert team who are incredibly proud of the site’s preeminent success.

“Cafrino players are just confirming what we already knew,” expressed Aiwazian in response to the swift development of the US online poker room, “that America is the epicenter of the poker world, and players here demand a real-money online presence.”

The new card playing site is a real money poker room, but not in the same way as most operators. never asks players to deposit any money. It is not even permitted, less the US poker room would not cohere to local laws. Instead, Cafrino pools a percentage of the money it earns from advertisements to foster real cash prize pools, like the ‘Daily Cash October’ freeroll tournaments they are currently promoting, guaranteed to pay out at least $1,500.

“Cafrino’s $1,500 October is just the beginning for us,” Aiwazian said. “There are currently prizes of up to $14,878.71 and $12,834.57 up for grabs for the top single-table and heads-up performers in the SpreeRoll tournaments.”

According to the CEO, the immense swell of the player base was never expected to happen so swiftly. The online poker room saw an intense growth spurt at the beginning of October, directly attributed to Cafrino’s precipitate dealing of the millionth hand.

To ensure the continued rapidity in evolution of the US poker room, Cafrino has initialized another unique promotion that is stirring up a lot of anticipation amongst existing members. It is called the ‘Prize Match Guarantee’, and encourages players to refer their friends to the website.

Any player who signs up an account using another member’s name in the Referral Box becomes a part of that players team, thus their name appears in the My Team tab of the referring player. When the referred player wins their first cash prize in a Spreeroll tournament, the member who referred them will instantly receive a cash prize of the exact same amount, up to $10,000 per referral. It’s an extremely valuable promotion, thus each player is only permitted to win cash prizes from their first 5 referrals. With that said, make sure your first five referrals are genuinely good poker players!

Spreerolls are online poker tournaments with an interesting design. Players must finish in the top ranks in the Step 1 tournament to proceed, but then they get to choose how to proceed. They can play in the Step 2 Cash tourney, with a real cash prize up for grabs, or move on to the Step 2 Advancement tourney. The advancement tourney then catapults players into a Step 3 Cash tourney, or Step 3 Advancement tourney. The Advancements tourneys do not have cash prizes, but they move players closer to the biggest cash prize events of all. The Cash tourneys award higher prizes with each higher Step, climbing as high as 12 Steps for the biggest prize pool in US poker room’s short history, topping $12k and $14 in single table and heads-up Spreeroll tournaments.