BetVictor Launches Exclusive Online Poker Club

BetVictor officially launched in 2011, and while it may seem like a relatively new online gaming site, it is actually the rebranding of the long time Victor Chandler betting group, carrying with it a stellar reputation in the online gambling business. The company’s latest move was the recent launch of the BetVictor Club, an exclusive online poker club that is designed for players with serious poker game knowledge.

The team at BetVictor is ensuring that only the most avid poker fans can get into the club by requiring all who are interested to take a knowledge test. The Quiz, as it is being termed, has an 80% correct answer requirement in order for a member to pass and be accepted into the new online poker club. Achieving 100% on the test grants even more access to special benefits of the club.

What’s so great about this club? For one thing, it comes with an exclusive Free Play League within the online poker community, doling out real cash prizes to the winners. Members can snag their share of €10,000 in cash prizes every monthly at the new BetVictor online poker club. Special tournaments include members-only freerolls and money-added events.

There is a step-by-step process to join the BetVictor Club. First, the player must log into their BetVictor Poker account, click on the BetVictor Club link, then create a profile. They are then permitted to take The Quiz. Again, a score of at least 80 is required to be accepted into the club. Fortunately, BetVictor wants everyone to have an equal chance at membership.

The online poker room has provided a 5-step tutorial to teach players anything and everything they need to know about the game of poker. It covers cash games, sit’n’go tournaments, multi-table tournaments, bankroll management and more. If you’re not sure you’re ready to take The Quiz, be sure to take advantage of the tutorial so that you get the best score possible.

The Quiz contains five categories, with four questions per category. Answering 16 questions correctly grants access within 48 hours via email confirmation of your achievement, but answering all 20 correctly comes with special benefits that are little more than a mystery at the moment.

Members-only freerolls are held four times daily, from Sunday through Thursday, with prize pools of €25 and €50 (two of each per day). All other members-only tournaments are free to participate in. Some require Action Points, others require playing in at least one raked real-money poker hand, and yet more are completely free, requiring absolutely nothing at all.

All of the online poker league’s events will carry a real cash prize, as well as awarding leaderboard points to the top finishers. The club’s leaderboard awards cash prizes to the top 200 point earners each month. Should a player reach a spot on the top 200 of the leaderboard, they are guaranteed a cash prize of some size. Should they collect at least 10 Action Points playing real money online poker games during the previous calendar month, the cash prize awarded will be significantly higher.