PokerStars makes another Spin N Go Millionaire as thousands watch on Twitch

PokerStars Million Dollar Spin N Go PromoApril 28, 2015 was a typical Tuesday for most of us. Professional poker player Jaime Staples was streaming a tournament on PokerStars that day via his Twitch account (PokerStaples), which was typical for him as well. But before long, something extraordinary happened. The online poker room’s famous Spin N Go lottery tournaments struck a $1,000,000 jackpot prize.

The PokerStars Makes Millionaires promotion started up again recently, and three very lucky players who had entered one of the $5 Spin N Go hyper-turbo tournaments found themselves playing for the awesome 1st place prize of $1 million.

Staples Streams $1mm Spin N Go on Twitch

Staples got wind of the million dollar Spin N Go that was taking place and clicked his way over the to the table rail the action, bringing his Twitch fans along with him. As such, thousands of online poker enthusiasts looked on as “Bladsonpoker” of Poland, “hooomlesnurr” of Norway and  “ROliver CEO” of China took center stage to battle it out for the ultimate, 9-figure prize.

As is generally the case with hyper-turbo Spin N Go SNG’s, the action didn’t last long. It only took 7 minutes – a total of 29 hands – for a winner to emerge. That esteemed honor went to the Polish player, “Bladsonpoker”, who cashed in for an amazing $1 million prize after spending just $5 to play in the tournament.

As always, the 2nd and 3rd place finishers, “hooomlesnurr” and “ROliver CEO”, each received an inspiring payout of $100,000 each for their efforts, bringing the total prize pool to $1.2 million.

As the battle was unfolding, Jaime Staples commented to the thousands of viewers looking on. “This is so sick, man. Think about this: for a million dollars right now,” the poker pro exclaimed in awe.

Near the end of the tournament, with “Bladsonpoker” and “hooomlesnurr” fighting it out in heads-up, Staples criticized a decision by the eventual winner. With a single big blind remaining, “hooomlesnurr” went all-in, only to see his Polish opponent fold the pot to him. Ostensibly, Staples would have made the call, but without seeing the cards, it’s hard to say “Bladsonpoker” erred in his decision.

Taking the cautious route, the Pole was able to clinch the supreme Spin N Go victory just a few moments later. Looking down at A-2, “Bladsonpoker” called another all-in shove by the Norwegian, who held 10-7. The board played out, offering no help to either player and delivering the awesome $1,000,000 payout to “Bladsonpoker”.

Spin N Go Winner keeps Composure in Low-Cost Tourney

One can only imagine how ecstatic the Polish poker player was to have found himself sitting on a 9-figure cash, but somehow he managed to continue competing in another tournament he was already involved in before the $1 million prize notification popped up in the Spin N Go window. That other NLHE tournament had a nominal buy-in of just $4.40, yet “Bladsonpoker” remained active in it for the next 90 minutes.

The Polish online poker player has become the fifth person to ever win one million dollars in the PokerStars Makes Millionaires promotion, and only the second to win since the promo was reinstated on March 27. Online poker players still have a chance to win a million as the promotion will continue through May 24, 2015. However, the actual odds of a $5 Spin N Go hitting the $1.2mm jackpot prize pool are about 0.00003%, or 3,333,333 to 1.