Legal Online Poker to Hit Nevada as Early as October

It seems that forever may finally be here. As long as Americans have been waiting to see a legal online poker framework actually come to fruition, we can finally see the dust settling on the road ahead and it looks very much like an entrance ramp to the information super highway, with all signs pointing towards South Point Online Poker, Nevada.

This coming Thursday, August 23rd, 2012, the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) will undertake the task of considering South Point for formal licensing. Should the NGC approve the measure, South Point will forever leave its mark in the history books as the very first legal operator of a licensed online poker room in the United States of America.

South Point has actually applied for three licenses from the state, to act as an operator, a service provider and a manufacturer of online poker games. International Game Technology, Shuffle Master and Bally Technologies have already been given the go ahead by the NGC in the manufacturer department, and all told, there are about thirty companies looking to receive licensing on Thursday. If anything is certain in this business, all indications point towards imminent approval for South Point to establish the very first online poker room in Nevada.

Should all go as planned, residents of The Silver State could actually see South Point Online Poker launched as early as October; little more than a month away from now. The only thing that could potentially slow the process (outside of a complete turnaround of events, i.e. denial of the license) is a set of five new provisos set forth by the NGC. South Point will be asked to provide the follow details in writing:

-write-up of strategic framework for internal control
-written plan for compliance with interactive gaming edicts
-establish an interactive gaming reserve
-blueprint of operation
-catalog of all employees to run the online poker site

The NGC has incorporated these new requisites to ensure that South Point is fully prepared to enter the real money poker market and that all conditions have been met to do so. Other companies applying for an operator’s license in Nevada have been given their own unique lists of prerequisites, based on their progress up to this juncture, but in the case of South Point it should not be difficult to provide the rudiments asked of them.

South Point is way ahead of the game, running an active online poker room since October of 2011. There just hasn’t been any real money involved up to this point. Its software has proven quality and has already begun enduring the rigorous testing process by independent auditors. South Point is so far ahead of the pack that it appears the company will meet all requisites well before October.

With the online poker licenses expected to be approved on Thursday, once all stipulations are met, the only thing left for South Point to do will be to fork over the half-million dollar licensing fee and open its virtual doors to Nevadan poker players.